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    To inspire teamwork, pride and life lessons in the lives of all of our members.

        The strength of the Pack is the Wolf........
    The strength of the Wolf is the Pack!

    MHB Home Games for the Weekend!!

    Level Team Day Date Opponent Time Rink
    Pee-Wee A Saturday 11/16/19 Fargo Blue 10:30 AM Pepsi
    Pee-Wee B Black Saturday 11/16/19 Bismarck White 12:00 PM Pepsi
    Pee-Wee B Gold Saturday 11/16/19 Bismarck White 5:00 PM ASA
    Bantam B1 Saturday 11/16/19 Grand Forks Blue 6:45 PM ASA
    Pee-Wee B1 Sunday 11/17/19 Grand Forks Blue 10:00 AM ASA
    Pee-Wee B Gold Sunday 11/17/19 Bismarck Red 11:00 AM Pepsi
    Squirt B White Sunday 11/17/19 Minot Maroon 12:00 PM West
    Pee-Wee B Black Sunday 11/17/19 BIsmarck Blue 12:45 PM Pepsi
    Squirt B Yellow Sunday 11/17/19 Minot Gold 1:45 PM West
    Pee-Wee B Gold Sunday 11/17/19 Bismarck Red 4:00 PM Pepsi
    Bantam B1 Sunday 11/17/19 Grand Forks Red 4:30 PM ASA

    Integral Hockey Stick Repair!!

    Integral Hockey stick repair has the most technologically advanced system on the market. Repairs have saved hockey players, parents and teams across North America countless dollars on sticks, while keeping over 50,000 sticks out of our landfills. With over 100 locations and growing in the US and Canada, we repair your broken shaft or blade with our patented repair process that boasts no noticable difference in weight, balance or kickpoint of the stick.

    The hollow carbon fiber shaft and carbon fiber blade repair provide the best warranty in the business with a lifetime warranty in the repair zone of the stick! We also have plenty of Pro Stock sticks in inventory that sell for $99.00! Give us a call for additional details and questions. We can tune that stick up for you! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Stick2fix.

    Cal Helgeson

    Cal Helgeson

    Phone: 701-215-6078

    Office Hours

    Monday 3:00PM-7:00PM
    Tuesday 12:00PM-4:00PM
    Wednesday 12:00PM-4:00PM
    Thursday 12:00PM-4:00PM
    Friday 9:00AM-1:00PM

    Minot Hockey Boosters

    2501 West Burdick Expressway

    Phone: 701.852.6214