2021-2022 Squirt Season Information

There will be a mandatory parents meeting on Sunday 10/3 at 6:00pm in the Pepsi Rink Community room.  

Tryout Schedule:

                       Thursday 10/7                                    Thursday 10/7
Group 1       Group 2
5:10-6:00PM West       6:10-7:00PM West
Black White       Black White
B3 W3       B2 W2
B7 W4       B4 W8
B9 W5       B5 W12
B14 W6       B6 W13
B15 W7       B8 W14
B18 W9       B10 W15
B20 W10       B11 W16
B21 W11       B12 W19
B23 W17       B13 W20
B28 W18       B16 W22
B29 W21       B17 W23
B31 W28       B19 W24
B33 W30       B22 W25
B35 W31       B27 W27
B37 W35       B30 W29
GOALIES       B32 W32
Barnes       B34 W33
Ouradnik       B36 W34
Woodbeck       B38 W36
          B39 W37